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The process of harvesting of kratom leaves is done 3 times a year, and leaf leaves are taken are mature or old leaves. Kratom tree one of the trees that shade means very much to produce leaves, the more leaves and branches of the branches are taken more dense leaves that will appear.

The first harvesting of kratom plants starts at the age of the plant is approximately 1 year and even there is a 6 month old can be harvested leaves, depending on the fertility of the soil where we plant kratom.

In the process of care of kratom plants to produce good leaf quality the plant should not be given fertilizer on sale in the market, just give a fertilizer made in the form of leaves leaves or rotten grass.

Once perceived kratom tree can be harvested then the next entry in the process of making the leaves, when harvesting is done should be done by cutting the branches of kratom wood then taken daunny. The next step is to do the separation between old and young leaves separated and in the input in the open to dry.

To get the best quality of leaf kratom leaf drying process is done without exposure to direct sunlight, this is done to avoid the substances contained in kratom leaves do not decrease the quality or even can damage it, then the leaves should have been harvested in the wind in room or room without being exposed to direct sunlight, and usually steps like this in need a few days the leaves are dry.

The next step after the dry leaves are done through the above process, then the dried kratom leaves in knead squeezed to pieces so that the bone of the bone separated well.

To separate the leaf bone in the use of a lot of plastic filters on sale on the market. Kratom soup that is still mixed with the bone leaves rubbing rubbing into plastic filtering so that left in the filtering place live bone leaves.

Enter at the next stage, if the kratom leaves want to be processed into kratom powder, then and kratom that has been weakened to become small fractions of the leaves then the fracture is then entered at the stage or preoses grinding. To produce high quality kratom powder in the grinding process should be done as much as two or three times the grinding process, but if it is still not smooth after three times of grinding, it should be done the fourth milling so that we can ensure the results of the milling process to be perfect .

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