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Superkratoms Production Process

Superkratoms Production Process

         Production process and labor inspection.
Superkratoms madalah kratom vendors originating from Indonesia, and we are kratom vendors who provide various kratom strains that the value of purity is very high and of course we as a vendor who want to maintain our credibility in obtaining high satisfaction and trust of our customers and users kratom, so we are very strict in maintaining the production process and entrust all the work of the production process to the employees and workers that we have selected and have high dedication on our company and certainly have experience in producing kratom that has been years.

       Selection of trees and leaves of kratom.
To get high quality kratom highly determined from the beginning of the production process to the end of the production process, to get high quality kratom, then we start from the beginning of the production process with great care and full of care and attention. The first stage we do by choosing the tree kratom that is old enough to produce a leaf that is regarded as having high quality, and the tree kratom we choose is a tree that has a minimum age of 1.5 years, because at the age of plants like this kratom already produce high-quality leaves, and the next step is leaf clearance in order to get the best quality kratom.

          Selection of high quality kratom leaves.

The next stage after the selection of kratom tree then entered in the stage of selection and picking kratom leaves, at this stage is needed by professional workers and certainly have years of experience in terms of selection and picking kratom leaves, of course we really want the results of our products have the best quality which is in the market and to realize it then in terms of selection of kratom leaves must have a very vital function, here we only choose the leaves of kratom that is old or ripe and has a perfect leaf texture,we are very avoids the selection of young leaves because it will be effect on the end result of the kratom itself, and how to pluck kratom leaves that we do by cutting the branch of the leaf, not by picking it directly from the tree.
after selecting and plotting the finished kratom leaves then the next stage is the collection and drying process and to produce high quality kratom products according to what we expect, in order to maintain the trust and satisfaction of our customers and users from our kratom.


           Collection and drying process of kratom leaf.
The next stage after the leaf selection and leaf picking then go to the leaf collecting stage and the process of leaf drying, at this stage is also very determine the final quality of kratom produced, as for this stage by collecting the leaves of kratom the harvest then collected in a plastic bag large that have been given ventilation holes for the leaves that are inside the plastic bag does not quickly rot and remove moisture due to increased temperature and will damage from the product to be produced later.
          To keep the leaf collected in plastic bag is not damaged it must be removed from the plastic bags after arriving at the drying warehouse, then enter in the next stage of the drying stage, the drying system we do is to caara mengangin-aired kratom leaves and we really keep the leaves that we dry are not exposed to direct sunlight, because if the leaves are dried kratom by drying it under direct sunlight it will greatly degrade the quality of the resulting kratom. drying by drying under the sun directly can degrade the quality of the kratom because the substance that is on the leaves of kratom will go down the quality can even damage the substances contained in the leaves of kratom. Therefore, to keep the substances contained in the leaves of kratom so as not to decrease the quality or even damage the substances contained in kratom leaves then we do the drying system slowly by drying in the room that is not exposed to direct sunlight, then the way of drying is done by aerating the leaves of kratom itself. this way will be longer if done by drying it under the sun directly, but this is not a problem for us because we are dedicating ourselves to the satisfaction and trust of the customers and users of our kratom products.
          The way we do it will take about 4-5 days of drying in order to really leaf that will enter in the next stage of the process is a leaf that really has dried and changed the color to dry leaf color and will be easier dij squashed for get the leaves crumbs kratom which will be included in the stage of kratom leaf milling. now enter the next stage of the process of destruction of kratom leaves that have been dried to get the results of kratom leaf fracture, this process is also aimed to separate the leaves with the stem leaves so that the stems do not participate in the next stage of the milling stage, and menudahkan in the grinding process as it has become small leaf fractions, the collection stage and
the process of drying the leaves of kratom has been completed until here to then enter at taham grinding kratom leaves.


          The process of grinding and how to grind good kratom leaves.
At this stage is very determine the end result of kratom leaf powder, as for kratom leaf powder that can be said both in the physical form is a powder of kratom leaves that have a very fine powder texture, to get a texture of powder daunkratom very fine then in the grinding process should be done several times grinding to produce the final result as we expected, to get such result then it takes 3 to 4 times the grinding process
We are a highly dedicated vendor for the satisfaction and trust of our customers and users of our products so we are very concerned and have very strict supervision in stage-by-step production process from the beginning to the final stage of production process, we do not want any smallest mistake in stage production process to produce a very high quality product and certainly has a high competitiveness in the leaf kratom market in the world In the process of milling we do to produce a very fine powder so we do 4 times milling done with 2 milling machines, one grinding machine for coarse grinding until it becomes smooth after it entered at the milling stage of the process of grinding to 5 time so that the final result of kratom leaf powder is really in accordance with our standards and expectations, we do this as our best dedication to the satisfaction and trust of customers and users of our products. After the grinding stage, then the next step is the packaging stage.

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