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Kratom is a psychoactive plant that is used as a herbal medicine and traditional herbs in some areas of Southeast Asia since thousands of years ago. This herb is often used as herbal medicinal plants to treat some diseases such as diarrhea, high blood pressure, impotence, and pain reliever, Kratom is also commonly used to overcome fatigue and improve morale.

The commodity and market of kratom users evolves along with a series of scientific research. In the field of medical science, some researchers recognize kratom as a plant that can be exploited for the needs of alternative medicine

Kratom contains more than 35 types of alkaloids including mitraginin, 7-hydroxymitraginin, painantein, spesiolisiatin, spesioginin and several types of flavonoids, terpenoids, and some types of glycosides. The active compounds of mitraginin and 7-hydroxymitraginin in kratom make kratom have potent analgesic effect. 7-hydroxylmitraginine has a higher analgesic effect compared with morphine in relieving pain.

Mitraginin, spesioginin, painantein, and spesiolitin work by binding opioid receptors in the brain cause the effect of improving the mood and giving feelings of pleasure. This is what causes kratom widely used in the community as a pain reliever, overcome fatigue and improve morale. Kratom effect in humans actually also depends on the dosage of kratom drunk in one drink. At low doses, kratom has a stimulating effect improving mood.

          How to consume kratom ?.

In the original area, the leaves of kratom are consumed by chewing the fresh leaves after removing the central vein of the yarn, but due to the bitter taste of the kratom leaf then this method begins to be abandoned, and switches by destroying the kratom leaf or powdered so they can swallow it, which is very fast then people – people must move faster and more efficiently, then later came a new way to consume leaf kratom captured the most efficient that is by consuming in the form of capsulue, and this way is considered the most efficient because if in the form of capsule it will be easy to be taken travel or in daily activities.

         Can Kratom be mixed with other ingredients?

Yes of course kratom can be mixed with other ingredients such as sugar, milk and fresh fruit juice. The purpose of using this material is to cover or reduce the bitterness of the kratom.  Dry kratom leaves can also be used like cigarettes, but this way is not or less desirable by kratom users because it is not practical. Kratom can also be extracted as resin by evaporating water from kratom tea, and the result can be stored for later use, this extract can be swallowed directly or it can be dissolved with hot water and in consumption as well as consuming tea in general, and there is also who likes to mix it with other herbal teas, this way for some kratom users can evoke the sensation of how to consume them.

          Can Kratom be mixed or combined with other substances?

In general combining drugs can pose a risk, it is strongly recommended in using kratom not to combine with other substances such as amphetamines, cocaine, yohimbine and alcohol or also with high doses of caffeine, as in this way may increase the likelihood of over stimulation or increased blood pressure.

          Can kratom help in the treatment of opiate addiction?

One of the benefits of this traditional herb is a bidder for opiate addiction for Asians like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Because if someone is already exposed to opiate addiction then he is in big trouble. Not only limited to people who use illegal opiates, but also those who are prescribed opioid illness. People who take opiates on a daily basis often make them addicted to opiates.

It is understandable if people do not like the addiction of these drugs are smiling an alternative way to overcome this opiate drug addiction problem. Many kratom users say that kratom is very effective in overcoming opioid drug addiction problem, because kratom contains alkaloids that function as opiate receptor agonists that can also be used as a substitute for opiate drugs, both for pain medication and to avoid the withdrawal of opiates.

According to the users when they use kratom for a while then they are able to withstand and reduce the use of opiate drugs and then end with the full use of kratom without feeling pain due to withdrawal of opiate drugs that are difficult to do if not using kratom as his successor. This shows that although it contains opioid agonists, kratom pharmacology is different from opiate drugs, but even before you use kratom you should consult your health care professional.

          Does the use of kratom cause a reported health problem?

This health problem can be avoided if in using it in amounts or doses small to medium but different if in menggukanannya in large numbers. In Thailad where some people use kratom and use it every day, it can lead to weight loss, dark facial pigmentation, and have physical withdrawal symptoms if they stop kratom suddenly. These physical withdrawal symptoms include muscle pain, irritability, runny nose, crying, diarrhea and muscle jerks. This problem only occasionally occurs for kratom users, because kratom reaction for each person is different. Then use kratom responsibly.

         Is it possible to use kratom if it is detected on a test?

Although kratom does not contain alkaloids that bind to opiate receptors, they are structurally unrelated to opiate drugs, therefore, if using kratom it will not be detected by opiate drug tests.

         What is the legal status of kratom?

In most countries the legal status of kratom is legal as in Indonesia, but the kratom is illegal in Australia. In most parts of the United States these are controlled substances such as in Indiana, Tennessee, Wisconsi and Vermont. Therefore before you use kratom you should make sure what status kratom in place and your country.

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